The Start of a New Era! 

I feel soooo guilty. 
I haven’t updated this in like A YEAR! 
There’s no point in going back and going over every detail of what I’ve missed because that would just be 
I M P O S S I B L E.
But long story short–
In November last year, we took a fantastic trip to NYC for 5 days to not only see the greatest city in the world but to also see the Rebels play! 





















Of course January was Georgia’s first birthday! What a wonderful party we had! Of course it was Elmo & Friends themed because she was obsessed with Sesame Street.

 We had about 60 people there with taco guy (naturally) and a delicious cake and cupcakes make by yours truly. 

In March I became a stay at home mom after a 9 month run at Ballys and Beau started a new career at Desert Plastering. He’s still working as a valet attendant to supplement his income until he becomes more established but for now he’s loving his new job! 
Oh and we also bought a new car 🙌
This summer we have been spending most of our time at Wet n Wild and it’s been a blast! Once a month Trent and Kari provide us with an AWESOME cabana for a family day and me and Georgia go there about once a week with my uncle or my mom or both! She LOVES the water! 


I also spent a day in Disneyland with my mom and went to the ESPYS with Beau and Michael in July! 

And the biggest news to share is the newest addition to our family in March 2016! 
That’s right! We’re pregnant

Officially a FAMILY OF FOUR

I think that’s what finally gave me the bug to start up the blog again. It was always in the back of my head and now I’m finally doing it. 

I did a pretty dang good job of catching up considering all of the information I had to work with! 
Until next time (and I’m not talking 2016),

Savannah ❤️


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