Saying Sayonara to Summer

Well, our beloved summer has come to an end and now it’s time for the leaves to cha…oh wait, it’s still a high of 98 and things are still exactly as they were. It’s VEGASbaby!
However, if things were exactly the same, I would have nothing to catch you all up on!
This summer was more amazing than any summer of my life. We took a vacation to Ocean City, MD with my family, which was a great way to say goodbye to Brittany as she left for a permanent move to Washington, D.C. We ate everything in sight, enjoyed the beach everyday, went jet skiing, fished until 2 in the morning and of course, took Georgia in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time! The week, of course, went way too fast but the memories of our first family vacation will live on forever!
When I got back from vacation, I ended my run with lululemon and started a job cocktailing at Ballys. I really do love the job. Although working back in a casino again is tough work, it’s paying the bills! I work with a good friend of mine from the Dealertainer pit, Colleen, and 2 1/2 months in to this job, I picked up a full time shift working as the waitress in the Jubilee showroom. As if getting promoted that fast wasn’t great enough, Beau and I work the exact same shift (he’s over at Bellagio still) and we have the same days off. This has been an incredible blessing. I just had my first 2 days off together with him and being able to spend that time together with our daughter is incredible. Our moms are also, again, so much help and we thank God for them every single day!
A little sad news has come as of late…the Dealertainer pit, that I of course worked in for 13 months proceeded by both of my uncles and my stepdad, closed and put my stepdad in quite a tough place having to go down to a part-time status. But when one door closes another opens and my mom has picked up more students and he is working full time hours and enjoying thing as a regular dealer more than he imagined!
Georgia is now 8 months old and is still a phenomenal little girl. She is standing up on things, walking from one thing to another, her favorite thing to yell is “DAH!” which of course Beau loves (yes, Georgia, momma would like some love too!). She is getting so big so fast. It’s so true what people tell you about cherishing every moment. In the blink of an eye my little baby has gone from newborn to her own little person! She eats so well and sleeps even better. We make all of her food for her and although that can be challenging, starting your kids off with a healthy beginning sets them for life! Being a mom is so unbelievably rewarding and seeing a dad like my husband who loves his daughter more than anything in this world is just…indescribable.
We went to Tahoe over Labor Day weekend and the boys took second! This time Michael came with us and it was just the best time!
Currently, we are planning a trip to New York in November to see the Rebels play. This will be Beau’s first time there and I haven’t been there in 17 years so it will practically be a first for us both! We’re so excited!
On September 13th, our good friends Javy and Katie (now Rodriguez) got married and wow, what a wedding. We were so grateful to be a part of such a fantastic weekend and are happy to finally not be the only old married couple! Haha! We actually are joining them in the spring on their honeymoon to Punta Cana!! They said that they have had several trips together and want this one to be with another couple and invited us! Needless to say, the next 6 months are going to be so amazing.
In super exciting news, I met with an advisor today at UNLV and I am going back to school in the spring and am set to graduate in fall of 2016! This may seem forever away (it is) but recently seeing how fast time flies, 4 semester seems like nothing to get through. I’m so happy to have a support system in my husband who is willing to help me go to school full time, work, and take care of our baby. I couldn’t do it without him! This all means, of course, strategically planning when baby #2 is coming. NO it’s not right now! But it’s not too far away! 😋
I think I did a pretty decent job of catching you all up on the last few months! Life gets so busy!
I don’t have all the pictures I want to put up on here ready but I promise to get those up as soon as possible!

-With love-


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