Now In: Doubling Your Weight in 4 Months Time

Can you imagine? Your doctor being excited to tell you the news that you have MORE THAN DOUBLED your weight in such a short period of time? Well, little miss Georgia can! My little girl had her 4 month appointment last week and the doctor was excited to announce that she was now 16.2 lbs and 26 inches long. Going to her doctors appointments is so exciting. Hearing that she is right on track (minus the head thats a little larger than normal…thanks Beau) is such a relieving, but not surprising, thing to hear!
If I could freeze time right now, I would. We are loving every minute of parenthood and watching Georgia’s personality develop DAILY is a blessing.

As far as work for Beau and me, everything is going just wonderfully. Beau is now full time at the Bellagio with an amazing shift and working at lululemon in Primm is just a blast!

April 6th was our annual trip to Shadow Creek Golf Course for the Michael Jordan Invitational! This time Brittany came with us and we even got to experience Georgia’s first celebrity encounter…I would be lying if I said this wasn’t one of the greatest moments of my life!


I can’t express enough what an absolutely WONDERFUL PERSON Bruce Jenner is. He is humble and sweet and loves children! What more could you ask for from him? I think it’s definitely what everyone wants to hear about him!

On April 7th was Matthew’s second birthday (hard to believe, I know) and we went to Red Robin to celebrate. I love my nephews more and more every day! Having an extended family and kids to call me “aunt” is awesome. When I see the love those kids have for their cousin, my heart melts. I can’t wait until she can express her love back.


As you all know, Easter was right around the corner and of course we got Georgia’s picture taken with the Easter bunny and had one of the most beautiful Easter’s ever. Even though Beau and I both had to work, spending time in the morning with our families was perfect.


No, that’s not a hair piece on her head, It’s a huge BOW. I had no idea we were going to be taking pictures that day and well, she didn’t have her Easter outfit on.

On the 14th of April, my little babe turned 3 months OLD! This is always going to be one of my favorite pictures of her. It was the first time I was able to take a picture and get her to smile on cue. adorable.

Beau and I took a night off from parenting and went to the Festival of Beer downtown with my friends from work, Brittany, and Michael. It was so fun and definitely worth the price of admission. My mom watched Georgia and we ended up spending the night over there after she picked us up. I guess you don’t realize how quickly beer tasting catches up with you!!

The next weekend, Beau was asked by his old basketball coach to participate in a basketball game against some Rebel Alumni players! It was at Centennial high school and of course his 4 favorite cheerleaders, Me, Georgia, his momma, and sister, were all there to cheer him on! AND me and Georgia got to take a picture with one of our favorite UNLV players, Wink Adams!


I guess something clicked in Georgia after that game to pick up the pace on getting started with her athletic career. Within a week of each other, this little charmer found her feet and rolled over!!! These are the things us parents live for!



The dogs are also starting to learn that maybe she isn’t so bad.

Here’s my favorite part….
MOTHER’S DAY. Of course I already posted on that day but I can’t get over the amazing dad and husband Beau is. He made me breakfast, got me a card, dressed my daughter in “I love mommy” gear and best of all, made me a flower pot with Georgia’s foot prints all over it. How do you know when you’ve crossed over in to motherhood? When there is truly nothing better than a gift made for you by your child with the help of their father. 1939825_10201917921852754_8202530384146094902_n

3 days later, our baby turned 4 months old! Is this picture even real?? I can’t believe we made something this adorable.
A special thanks to Georgia’s Aunt Brittany for the “future president” onsie. It couldn’t be more factual.

May 18th was my mom’s spring Disney themed recital and my minnie mouse stole the show!

When I said we watch Georgia change daily, I wasn’t kidding. On May 22, Georgia had her first bite of solid food (peas more specifically) and SHE LOVED IT! I made the peas myself and I will continue to instill healthy eating in my children and I will always do what I can to make sure they get the best. Anyway, here’s her before and after.

We have been trying to get out of the house more and enjoy Las Vegas in the Summer (seems impossible, right?) but we’ve done it!
We had a great Memorial Day
and Brittany even taught Georgia how to vote properly
Took Georgia to Wet n Wild for the first time.


and of course, we took our fabulous daughter down to the strip to see The Linq!

In the last 2 months, I have completely changed my way of eating. I am following a very strict diet and am proud to announce that I have lost 27 lbs since the day after I had Georgia. I am still working on getting my body better than it was but it takes time and I accept that. But to make this journey more fun, I have been trying to run as many 5k’s as possible along the way. Not only are they for great causes but it’s a fun thing to accomplish!
The first one was the Ronald McDonald 5k with people from my work and the second was the Foam Glow 5k for Make-a-Wish. Kari, Trent, Shantel, Brittany, and Beau did that one with me and it was on my birthday!!! I had a great birthday weekend after that including all you can eat sushi, a night on the strip, a day at a cabana at Picnic @ the Downtown Grand, and dinner at Carabbas with my family.







My life is gliding along more perfectly than I imagined. I will always give all the glory to God for giving me everything I need. We may have to work to pay the bills and everything may not always go our way but the one thing we always have is each other and the fulfillment of raising a child to know the very thing.
We are 2 weeks away from our summer vacation in Ocean City Maryland and I can’t wait to share all of the fun things from Georgia’s first plane ride to her first dip in the Atlantic Ocean!

God bless,


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