Mother’s Day


I posted this on Facebook this morning and figured it was worth posting on my blog so everyone could read it!

“I’ve been awake for 10 minutes now and the rush of emotions of waking up on my first Mother’s Day has been crazy. I’ll start with my own mom…I don’t know how to even explain the relationship I have with her. She used to tell me, “the moment I caught eyes with you for the first time, I knew we’d be best friends forever.” She was right. Not only was she the best MOM who taught me right from wrong, prayed with me, and was there through troubles and heartaches, she makes me laugh harder than anyone I know and I can tell her absolutely anything. I think this is a gift that not many mother/daughter relationships have and I’m so blessed to have it. She treats my husband as though he is the son she never had. Calls him [pretty much] as often as she calls me and tells him how much she appreciates everything he does for her daughter. Wow. I’m in awe of the upbeat, positive, and absolutely wonderful personality my mom maintains throughout the years even when things aren’t going as they should. She has damn near 50 piano students a week and manages to make best friends with every single one of them and their parents. How? Because she’s awesome. My mom is a perfect example of love and nurturing and I was given to her because she needed me and I needed her more than anyone can understand. Now, being a mom myself has brought up so many more feelings I’m glad I’m not limited to a certain amount of words on here. Because of that bond I have with my mom, I felt the same feeling when I first saw that 7lb 14 oz “bag of beans” (as I call her) on January 14. Oh, was she cute! If you had told me 5 years ago I would be a mom now, I would have told you you were insane! But God absolutely has a plan and he made mine perfectly. Every morning I wake up is Mother’s Day! It may not be celebrated with cards, flowers and nice texts but when my Georgia sees me looking over her crib and smiles for the first time of the day I am showered with more of a gift than I could ask for. There is nothing like being a mom. I know I’m shy of four months experience but from the moment you find out you’re pregnant, everything changes. You start thinking of someone but yourself, you start realizing that you are making another you and you better do it right, and most importantly, you start feeling an overwhelming sense of love and appreciation for God and that miracle that is growing inside of you as you watch her from the time she looks like a little peanut to the time you hear her first cry. I am going to soak in every minute of this day and hug my little girl tighter than I ever have. And maybe, JUST MAYBE, there’s a part of her body I haven’t kissed yet. She is the love of my life. I will always be here for her when she needs a mom, a best friend, or even when she needs me to just leave her alone in those pesky teenage years just as my mom was for me. Thank you, God.
Happy Mother’s Day everyone!”


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