2 months and counting!

Georgia’s second month of life has been so wonderful that I couldn’t even get the time to get to the computer to write about it! Although she’s 2 1/2 months old now, it’s never too late to tell you all about what’s gone on from February 15th to now.
Let’s start with her last weight. As of the 18th of March, she was 12 lbs 3 oz! My big girl πŸ™‚
Before I had Georgia, my phone was definitely a big part of my life. But now, the camera is open 24/7 because you never know what my bundle of joy is going to do. I know last time I told you that her smiles were now going to be attributed to emotions of her being happy and I was lucky enough to get her very first one photographed! And now, she smiles all the time. It is the most rewarding, amazing feeling in the world! I think it’s a moment when you realize that this isn’t just your newborn who only eats and cries anymore. She actually has emotions and gets happy to see me, Beau, and everyone who she loves!
Her head is now pretty much able to be held up on it’s own without any bobbing (another wonderful thing to see progress).
Now my favorite part of this month so far…
Georgia was dedicated on Sunday, March 16th to God. In our church, a dedication is much different than a baptism. A dedication is my husband and my promise to always lead our child on the right path and hope that when she’s old enough to make her own decisions, that she will choose to be baptized! It was so awesome to have all of our family there to support that special day!
In my last blog, I believe I talked about beau and I interviewing for jobs and what not. Well, after several interviews and prayer…Beau is officially moving to full time in Valet at the Bellagio in a couple weeks and is able to quit his job at Tao Beach! And I….drumroll please….was so blessed to get a job working for the WONDERFUL company lululemon athletica! It happened in such a random way but wow, it has seriously changed my life in such a short amount of time. I am working out at the outlet (1 of 5 in the whole country) in Primm. It’s a very long drive, indeed, but I have met some really incredible people and my cousin and her best friend Summer (I consider her my good friend now, too) work with me!!! It has been so fun! Not to say there hasn’t been a lot of work involved with opening a store but everything from new clothes to having the opportunities to try different yoga/Pilates/crossfit/barre classes every week has been so cool. Also, I have never worked for a company (and I’ve had a lot of jobs) where they support your life goals and more importantly, your family.
I am part time right now but my boss is working with me on my goal to move up quickly in the company!
Now, the down side of working has been having to leave my love of my life, my little baby, Georgia. Being away from her for several hours a day is like someone telling you not to breath. The first day I came home from work, I just lost it and started crying. I will get used to it and I know I’m doing it to help us gain financial security for her but she is a part of me and it’s going to take some time to get used to.
I want to take the time now to share my gratitude for not only my mom but my awesome mother-in-law, kari. As I’m sure I mentioned a few months ago, kari retired and took on the full time job of caring for my nephews during the week. But now, she has taken on her little granddaughter while beau and I are at work and for that we are eternally grateful. There is no better feeling than leaving the baby you hate to leave with someone you trust more than anyone and that’s why God gives us grandmas πŸ™‚
In the last month, beau and I have gotten to go out together a little more including a one night stay-cation in Lake Las Vegas for Carrie’s (his babysitter as a child) wedding. It was beautiful and so much fun! It was our first time away from our little girl for a whole night but I’m not gonna lie, it was enjoyable.

I can’t wait to share the many more exciting things coming up for us in the upcoming months!

Until next time!

Her first smile…really!!

Lake Las Vegas!

New job πŸ™‚

our trip to Zion!



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