A month in review….

Well, our little Georgia Rae is a month old and I think it’s important to remember these feelings forever! This has by far been one of the hardest months of my life. I’ve never slept less, stressed more…and been so dang happy about it! I can’t describe what it feels like to take care of your baby but I can tell you how absolutely amazing and rewarding it is!
Her pediatrician is Dr. Mendoza and we absolutely love him! Will and KT recommended him because that’s who our nephews go to and we couldn’t be happier. Her first appointment (one week old) she lost 10 oz bringing her down to 7 lbs 4 oz which we read, and were reassured, is totally normal and everything checked out just great!
Throughout those first couple weeks I was exclusively breast feeding and although it’s such a beautiful thing, it is so exhausting. I was up 7 of the 8 hours I was used to sleeping attempting to give my daughter the food she needed and I just wasn’t coming through. I cried several times over it because I was tired and although beau wanted to help, what could he do? It took me those full 2 weeks to realize I just wasn’t giving her enough to satisfy her needs. She would sit and attempt to eat for 3 hours at a time, stop for an hour and be back on. It was so hard! Being from a family of big eaters like my husband and me, she naturally was eating non-stop. I would call my mom crying and she told me to try giving her formula and made sure to tell me not to feel guilty for this. Because as any mom knows, when you feel like you can’t provide for your baby, it’s the worst feeling in the world! On her two week birthday, I gave her formula for the first time and it was seriously a miracle. She slept and so did I. I know so many moms are going to disagree with my decision but because of this decision, I am a happier mom and wife and that is the most important thing. I haven’t lost any bonding time with my daughter…actually, if anything, I have been able to enjoy motherhood and bond more because of it!
Another thing we noticed was our daughter was having these twitching spells in her sleep. It made me nervous and my husband told me not to worry about it but when he saw it for the first time, he thought we should talk to the doctor. Our doctor told us to record it because this could be a sign of seizure problems. Well, I just about lost it after that doctors appt. Of course you want nothing to be wrong with your child and even the slightest hint that there could be an issue makes you rethink every decision you made during pregnancy. We’ve kept an eye on it and of course had many people praying for this to just be her nerve endings still trying to find one another (which was one of the other possibilities) and I’m happy to report her little twitches are slowly disappearing!! We of course will continue to watch her but as of now, our worries are so much less.
At her second appt (2 weeks old) she was 8 lbs 1 oz and she is supposed to be gaining an oz a day right now so I’m excited to see where her progress is at her 6 week appt!
She just in the last week or so started to wear her 0-3 month clothes and not fit in to a lot of her newborn stuff which makes us a little sad but is so exciting at the same time. She also moved from newborn to size 1 diapers which are still a little roomy but the newborns were definitely getting too small! She sleeps in 3-4 spurts throughout the night which is difficult but it’s getting longer and easier to put her back to sleep every night. She’s awake a lot of the day now and she’s starting to smile!!!!! And according to my apps on my phone, we can attribute those smiles to actual emotions! So cool, right?

As far as Beau and I are right now….
I just started working for my aunt (my cousin Brittany’s mom) and her distributing company which I’ll clue you in more on when I know what I’m doing haha. And my husband is slowly moving in to the limo department at the Bellagio and also is returning to the beach at Tao this summer. It’s so funny how God works. Beau and I had a really rough last couple months with me not working and his work slowing down but with praying to make ends meet, He’s opening more doors for us than we can even handle!

Here’s some amazing pictures of our little ones progress 🙂










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