It’s a….!

I have so much to update this blog with!!
Okay, let’s start with taking you back to July when Beau and I went to California! Beau had just gotten back from camp and I felt like we needed to just take a quick trip out of town to spend some time…just the two of us. We ended up getting season passes to Universal Studios since, being pregnant and all, I can’t quite do all of the rides at Disneyland or Six Flags. Although it was a quick trip, we had a great time together and we realized how important it is that we spend quality time together like that before (and after) the baby comes!
Moving on…
AUGUST FIRST: Not only was it my father-in-law’s big 50th birthday (which we celebrated at the Four Kegs of course), we signed the closing papers on our new home and we are officially home owners now! That weekend we got all moved in thanks to my awesome extended family and within a week we had our entire house professionally painted and it looks truly amazing! Being a homeowner is a feeling that is indescribable. Just waking up in the morning knowing that you are living in a place that is YOURS is so cool. We are still working on fixing a few things up throughout the house and moving all of our things in from the garage but every day it’s feeling more and more like home!
Unfortunately, in our first week of living at the new place, I had to make a trip to Centennial Hills ER for abdominal pains. Thankfully, everything is just fine now and they just said I was having round ligament pain which is when your stomach is stretching and making room for the baby. This is not to say that you should dismiss any abdominal pain you are having! Please, call your doctor if you’re experiencing extreme discomfort just to be safe. You never know what could be wrong. I think that going to the hospital was a blessing in disguise. You never realize how in love you are with that little baby in there until you realize something could be wrong. I had every horrible thought running through my head and at that moment I realized I would do anything to save that baby and that is when you know you are ready to be a mother.
Back to uplifting and exciting news, I have been hired at Imagine Schools at Mountain View as a Teacher Interventionist! As I believe I have shared, I am going to school to be an elementary school teacher and there is nothing I have wanted to do more than get that going and it’s finally happening! Beau and I had recently been talking a lot about me getting a new job because he knew I was really miserable working in a casino while I am pregnant and the thought of working nights after I have the baby and not being there to put the baby to bed was making me so sad. When you don’t enjoy your job and your spending 40 hours a week there, it starts to reflect in your home life and I think we were both realizing that it was starting to take a toll on us so I started looking for new jobs. It all happened so fast. I sent in my resumé on Wednesday and Thursday morning I was called in for an interview and hired right after! I couldn’t believe it. It was so surreal to be putting in my 2 weeks notice at a job that I thought I would be stuck working at until I got my degree.
Basically, my job is partially a teachers aid but also, more importantly, I get to teach my own group of students every day. They also told me that when I do graduate and get my teacher license, they will have a position for me as a teacher at the school which is better than anything I could have asked for in a job. My last day at The Quad is the 23rd of August and although I’m so sad to say goodbye to all of the great people I have worked with over the last year, I am not sad to close this chapter of my life and start a new one that is going to benefit me and my family more than we can imagine. So, needless to say, I am happier than ever for the first day of school because I will not only be continuing my education towards becoming a teacher at UNLV but I will also be gaining so much great experience at my own job! Oh yeah, and I get to sleep at night again!!!!! NO MORE SWING SHIFT! I have to make sure I do not post this blog without stopping to say thank you to my husband. He is the reason that I am able to take this job at the elementary school. He works so hard to support me and the baby on the way and if it weren’t for him, I’d be at that casino forever!! So thank you baby! I love you!!!!

FINALLY…the news you have all been waiting for….
I am so happy to announce that my husband and I are bringing a BABY GIRL into the world in 5 months! We were told the baby was a girl at our 12 1/2 week ultrasound but it wasn’t a for sure answer so I didn’t want to announce anything but now (at our 17 week ultrasound) we know for sure that little Georgia Rae Scarlett will be our first child!
On Tuesday, August 13th, we had a little gender reveal party after the ultrasound with the family and it was so awesome. We took our results from the ultrasound (which we didn’t know because it was sealed in an envelope) to Babies ‘R’ Us and picked out a boy’s outfit and a girls outfit. When we got the cash register, we handed the cashier our envelope, credit card and outfits and had him wrap up the corresponding outfit to whatever was in the envelope. We then had people vote on whether they thought the baby was a boy or a girl, ate dinner, and at the end of the night, unwrapped the outfit for all of us to find out the sex together! I am so happy we did it because it made that exciting moment in our lives so much more memorable with the people we love so much! I am now 17 weeks and 2 days pregnant and the new milestone we’re waiting on is feeling the baby kick 🙂 I CANNOT WAIT!!
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