Time Flies as Spring Has Sprung!

We’re coming up on April and I am blown away. Where has the time gone? Beau and I have almost been married for 5 months! As a little kid, all you want is for time to fly, and now? It won’t stop and there are so many moments I want to pause and always remember.
With time, unfortunately, comes pain and sadly last Friday, March 22, my best friends father went to be with The Lord. My heart hurts for her because I know the pain and suffering she’s going through having dealt with a great loss myself. My blessing of an uncle has offered to do her funeral service and I got to spend 2 wonderful days with her and her smart, beautiful, 3 year old daughter this week. Although it was a sad reason for her trip out here, it’s all those moments I wish I could capture and keep forever. But that’s why I started this blog! Maybe I would have never remembered this trip in 20 years from now and now I can look back and remember how much quality time was spent with my best friend 🙂

To lighten things a little bit, over the last weekend my uncle took us on our Christmas present lunch (it’s annual), since Brittany was in town for spring break, to the Top of the World restaurant at the Stratosphere. The food was fantastic but so expensive! Of course we all made light of the situation with jokes and what not (a way a family of comedians deals with anger) but needless to say, until they lower the prices, we probably won’t be going back. The view was IMPECCABLE and it was nice spending that amazing time with my mom, stepdad, uncle, aunt, cousin, and especially my husband since I don’t have much time to see him otherwise.

I started a new thing that a friend from work told be about called DietBet.com. Basically, each player has a month to lose 4% of their body weight and their entrance fee is $25 dollars. Whoever reaches their goal, splits the pot! Genius? Yes. Although having Samantha here kind of screwed up my diet, I got back on track on Thursday and have been hitting the gym hard! Also, my wrist is completely healed (thank God!!) and I am able to start back to my Jillian Michael’s DVDs on Monday!
I must put a plug in here:
If you like to read magazines or catch up on the latest in Vegas, I will be featured in April’s “Party Pit News” newsletter and I would l love for you all to read it. I’ll make sure I add the photos from the photo shoot here as well.

Lastly, I have to give a quick thank you to my husband. Lately things have been tough with money, and him getting a new job, that we haven’t been able to do much or see each other much at all. We have been waiting patiently for his tips to pick up at Tao and since it had been cold up until about a week ago, it wasn’t happening. On Thursday morning, as Samantha was leaving and I was waiting for him to get home, he came to the door with beautiful flowers for me. What did he do with the first amount of money he got? Thought of me! That, my friends, is a keeper! I love him so very very much! 🙂

As April is ahead, the weather gets more beautiful, and people naturally get happier. Look around and remember the one who created it all and as Easter approaches, remember who died for it all as well!

“Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.”
-Virgil Craft












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