Life’s Little Blessings

This is going to be a short one but I wanted to share a few awesome things God did for me this week. Starting with last Sunday: since working the swing shift, it’s hard to get to bed at a decent hour and it’s even harder to get up and do something before 1pm even with a night off. However, my internal alarm woke me up at 9:30 am and my body was not letting me fall back asleep. As I laid in bed fighting with myself over whether I should wake up my husband or not and get us to church, I made a decision to get up and go. I leaned over to Beau and told him that if he gets ready in 15 minutes I would buy him a smoothie on the way! How could he say no?! 😉
When we got to the smoothie place, still feeling like I should be back in bed, their credit card machine was down and what was I paying with? A credit card. SOOOO the girl made our smoothies regardless for free! I really believe that God was thanking me for making the decision to get us to church that morning!

THEN (and this is the big one)….
Last night I was leaving my mom’s house after a great night of sitting in the jacuzzi with Beau and her, I apparently ran the red light turning on the Rainbow from Lake Mead. I think I was more focused on following Beau home then I was on the lights and well, mistakes happen. Unfortunately, cops don’t understand mistakes and I got pulled over! There’s a saying that says, “if you only pray when you’re in trouble, you’re in trouble!” which I totally agree with and recently I have been reading a daily devotion on love and marriage and praying for a great healthy marriage with my husband and thanking God for him! Yesterday, I had forgotten to read my devotion and decided to read it really quick on the way to my moms!
Back to getting pulled over…
As the very nice cop approached me, I was stunned because I had no idea what I had done. He took my license, registration, and insurance, you know the deal, and as I sat there, all I could do was pray he was going to let me go (which never happens. Especially with running red lights). What happens? He let’s me go! Doesn’t even tell me he’s giving me a warning. He just said, “have a nice night! Drive safe!” I couldn’t believe it! I just got away with driving murder!!
Anyway, I think it’s important to share your blessings with people so they can continue to pour in. 🙂 Praise God!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!


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