Will You Be My Valentine?

SO much has been going on in our lives lately that it is truly hard to keep up with this blog! But, since it was my new year’s resolution, I WILL DO IT.

Still going strong on our Jillian Michael’s 90 Day Body Revolution, we are seeing great results. I would say my best advice though to those of you following this blog to read about this specific subject, don’t watch the scale…watch what’s happening to your body! Anyway, we just recently have moved on to a new set of workouts which is nice because our bodies were just starting to get used to them and BAM we are starting all over again with the soreness. I personally started incorporating a lot more protein into my diet with MP Combat Protein and a variety of carb-smart meal replacement bars to bring to work since being there with a bunch of fattening foods in the EDR can be tempting!
*(On a side note, a great place to get these things is Bodybuilding.com)*
I’ve always been someone who worked out regularly (sometimes I went through months of not working out at all like we all have) but because these workouts are only 30 minutes long, I really enjoy working out and look forward to it. Don’t let that fool you though, we did P90X and I would say workouts 3 and 4 are comparable if not HARDER than any of the workouts I did on that program. I promise to keep updating on our progess and hopefully some pictures soon 🙂

Back to our regular lives, however…

Since the last blog I wrote, although a very depressing outcome, we had the Super Bowl where the Baltimore Ravens and the San Fransico 49er’s went head to head in a very exciting game! I personally don’t like the Ravens because I am a HUGE Steeler fan but it was a nice time to spend with our families! Beau and I made great money on the nights leading up to the big game at work and Beau made a little extra money with the Ravens because my mom put $10 on the game for him!



I recently applied for a job through CJC (Casino Job Center) to become a dealer at a club pool this summer for a day job while still continuing my 40+ hours as Britney Spears in the Dealertainer Pit at  THE QUAD (formerly the Imperial Palace). During the summer, it gets relatively slow in Las Vegas unless you are at a pool because of the extreme heat so I figured to speed up the process of getting our own home, I would start working two jobs while I’m young. This center calls you and tells you when there are auditions at the pools for the summer gigs and I’m pleased to say I have been hired though them for now 🙂

Beau has also applied for a day job at Marquee Day Club at the Cosmopolitan and is still waiting to hear back from them!

While going to school and working our little butts off, ’tis the season of love and every year Beau and I get a room down on the strip and celebrate Valentines Day the weekend before the actual holiday! This time, we chose Vdara at City Center and it was seriously an amazing time! We went to the New Mexico/UNLV game on Saturday, checked in to our room, and headed out to the Mandalay Bay for dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Hussong’s and played a few slot machines to end the night! When we got back to our hotel room, a friend of mine who works at Vdara sent us up a bottle of champaigne to wish us a happy Valentines Day! We are still so thankful for that!






The next day when we finally woke up, we got ourselves ready and played Vegas tourist for the day at the Madame Tussaude’s Wax Museum. We had such a great time! I have been there before but Beau hadn’t and a lot had changed since the last time I went so it was something really great for us both to see. AND we got a local’s discount!! When we got back to the hotel, we had some time to kill before dinner so after watching TV for a few hours and just enjoying eachother’s company in our beautiful hotel room, we went down to the lounge and nightclub, HYDE, at the Bellagio to have a few drinks. I celebrated my 21st birthday there so I already knew what to expect but it was even better! We sat out on the balcony where you get to watch the water show and you’re so close you can even feel mist from the water! Our 4 drinks were a little bit expensive but we were on “vacation” so it didn’t matter. We followed drinks with our favorite, romantic dinner place, Todd English’s Olives (also on the balcony overlooking the fountains). Everything they serve there is incredible and it’s actually reasonably priced!













After dinner we decided to play a little more in the casino and we ended up playing Roulette for 6 HOURS!! Can you believe someone that deals this game for a living wouldn’t know better? haha! It was so fun though and you know what, if you play it right, you can make a pretty good amount of side money on it! 😉


That’s all I’m gonna say!

Now it’s the day before the real Valentines Day and although our celebration is over, just as we did with our honeymoon, we look at everyday as an opportunity to love eachother and I really think thats the secret to a successful marriage 🙂 Although I still like flowers and all that gewey stuff on that special day 😉

On Friday we’re breaking our diet and heading to Maggianio’s at the Fashion Show Mall with my Uncle Bill and Aunt Stephanie for a gift for us for Valentines Day and it’s a surprise gift for my aunt that we’re even going!

I am so blessed to have a family (one both sides) that love to spend time with us. It really shows a lot about my Uncle and Aunt that a great Valentine’s Day for them is spent with the two of us! I have always been raised with gifts from everyone on Valentine’s day because it’s a holiday of LOVE, not just for your significant other, but for everyone that matters to you in your life!!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!



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