New Year, New Healthy Life Style



After eating our hearts out in the Dominican Republic, we decided that if we want to be able to do vacations like that more often, we should change our lifestyle when we’re not on vacation. We had our last great fattening meal at Maggianos for my Uncle Bill’s 60th birthday and what a fabulous night it was and it was the perfect meal to end our bad habits and start all new ones! Beau and I haven’t been eating bad at home…not in the slightest! But not only were we spending too much money on eating out but when we ate at home, it wasn’t quality, healthy ingredients. So to help us start a work out regimen and a healthy lifestyle in general, we ordered the Jillian Michaels 90 Day Body Revolution. We are now one week in and we are loving it! It’s only a 30 minute workout everyday and its a GOOD workout. The food has been delicious and we both have noticed a change in our attitudes and our energy level is great! On a side note, I have such a wonderful man who cleans up after me. The “I cook, he cleans” thing works so well for us. Working out together has also been really fun since we’re back to being on different schedules again. We have 12 weeks to go and I’m excited to see our final results!





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