Destination: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!

I’m not sure if I can technically consider this day one yet but it’s 1:40 am and we’re on our way to Miami. Beau and I thankfully were able to sit in the emergency exit aisle (being that we’re both over 6 feet tall the extra leg room is nice) but you get just a tiny bit of air from the door coming in and it is FREEZING! My poor husband didn’t bring a sweater even though I told him to (he’ll learn) and he’s attempting to sleep by putting his hands and arms inside his shirt. Of course this cheap American Airlines doesn’t give you blankets so if nothing else, it’s making us very anxious to be on the beach already!!
I laugh when I travel with my husband because it brings back memories of traveling with my own parents and observing the things they say to each other. My mom always waits until we’re at the airport to ask Dave if she has her wallet or something extremely important and they argue about who would have put it in the car and as soon as we find it we all laugh and I find similar situations going on in my own relationship. I’m pretty sure somewhere in the fine print of your marriage license it talks about airports and even having to stick with each other there.
Beau and I decided to bring one bag this trip because he had heard it cost $35 to check a bag! Ridiculous, right? So as we’re packing and arguing about how much our suitcase is going to weigh, he’s telling me he should just bring his own and carry it on and yadda yadda and when we weigh our bag, it comes out to 40 lbs on our own scale (50 lbs is the limit). Well, when we arrive to the airport, Beau, being the worrier he is told his dad that if need be, he may need to turn back around and bring us that other bag just in case we need to take items out. As we are checking in, what do we find out? 2 bags fly free and our one bag only weighed 43 lbs! Hahaha! These surer the great things I have to look forward to about married life. Ahh, memories! See? How would I even remember all of this if I hadn’t started this blog?
As I get older, I have to appreciate my mom teaching me how to travel properly and I realized as I was sitting in the McCarren Airport how much I am turning in to her. Not only have I switched from flip flops to tennis shoes, shorts to pants, and actually started bringing a sweater myself, I find myself, with the video camera in hand, filming the weirdos in the airport and not caring whether they see what I’m doing or not. They’re the weird ones, not me, and they will now forever grace my home movies and what do I lean over and tell beau as he’s telling me to stop like I used to tell my own mom to do? Just what she used to say, “You’ll be thankful I did this one day!”
I must share one more quite funny thing that happened in the airport…
At 10:00 at night on a Sunday, not many things are open in the D gates so when you want a drink, there’s either the Hudson News or the little cocktail bar right outside of our gate. So once we settled down, I had Beau stay with the bags and I headed over to the bar to get us a couple mixers for our already purchased mini bottles. As I’m deciding between the $5 Red Bull or the $3.50 sprite, the sweet, kinda weird, bartender asked me where we were going on our Honeymoon. Excitedly I tell him “The Dominican Republic!” Not thinking I would need to explain to a man that worked in the airport where anything is, the man looked back at me and said, seemingly happy for me, “OH! Canada!”….that was one of those moments where I wasn’t sure whether I should just let him think that’s where the Dominican Republic was or if I should give him the geography lesson he needed before someone much ruder than myself came along. I awkwardly told him, after being so stunned at what just happened, “Ummm noooo…it’s actually down south…” To which he replies, “I’m stupid.”
I can’t make this kind of stuff up! Only in Vegas!


Day one:
Complete! We have finally arrived in this beautiful country and I honestly am a little overwhelmed. The ride here was interesting because you do see all of the poverty stricken areas of the country and when you arrive to your hotel, all of that does a complete 180! I must say their airport was beautiful and the people there were not NEAR as pushy as when I went to Mexico. The hotel staff is very sweet and to make things even better, our hotel was overbooked so they put us in the nicer hotel next door for the night, gave us $200 in credits (which only means one thing at an all-inclusive resort: spa time!), access to both hotels for our whole stay, and free Internet for our whole stay which is awesome because its like $30 a day!! It was really a blessing from God. Out of all of the people checking in, how did we get so lucky??
Anyway, after a much needed 4 hour nap which was meant to only be an hour, we went to Matsuri (the Japanese/tepanyaki grill restaurant for the sushi bar and al a cart menu because you have to have a reservation for the grill. It was delicious! But we definitely of ordered way too much. Chicken chow mein, shrimp fried rice, and sweet and sour pork on top of sushi may have been a slight example of our eyes being way bigger than our stomach! After dinner we went for a nice walk around the massive pool and to the by dark beach which I can already tell is where I’ll be spending my trip!
To end our night, because its a little too windy to go in the pool tonight, we are getting in the hot tub in our room! Can’t wait to check everything out in the day time tomorrow!

20130118-092946.jpg 20130118-092939.jpg 20130118-092929.jpg 20130118-092953.jpg

Day 2:
We finally got ourselves out in the sun! But we started our day at the supreme buffet which was FANTASTIC! They had everything imaginable and it was all made right in front of you. Fresh squeezed juice from any fruit you can imagine, waffles, pancakes, omelets…amazing! After breakfast we got our first drink of the day from our new favorite bartender, Victor. He was very funny and loved to talk (although sometimes it was hard to understand) so we decided that we would always go to him since we felt he deserved our tip money the most. We headed out for a nice. Walk on the beach after that and it was beautiful! Although it is quite windy here all the time, it doesn’t bother us since the temperature is perfect!
As I told you, we had a problem with our room reservation so after just one night at Majestic Elegance we had to pack our things and move into our final room at Majestic Colonial. Again, we were greeted with a bottle of champagne and a banner that says “Honeymooners” on the door! We unpacked all of our things (something I usually don’t do but since we are here for 8 more nights I figured it would be easier) and got our bathing suits on and headed straight to the pool. We have yet to get in the water but laying out in the beautiful 81 degree weather couldn’t have felt better! We had some more great laughs with our favorite bartender and after a few too many drinks and still not being caught up on our sleep, we fell asleep by the pool and headed up to our room later for a prolonged nap. When I woke up (Beau didn’t sleep) it was time for dinner so we went for Mexican. They had a make your own nachos bar and some al a cart things on the menu so we took full advantage of both and had nachos, chimichangas, and kind of like a carne asada type steak. It was fantastic! After dinner we sat at the lobby bar and I had a glass of wine while Beau continued to drink his favorite drink of the trip so far, The Majestic (kind of like a creamsicle drink), and as we were sitting there it poured! When the rain finally slowed down, it was time for bed. Tomorrow is a new day and we’ll try our hardest not to sleep through it 😉

20130118-092737.jpg 20130118-092744.jpg 20130118-092750.jpg 20130118-092759.jpg

Day 3:
It’s amazing what a tropical place can do for your sleep. I remember when we went to Hawaii last summer we woke up at like 6:30 everyday and felt completely rested! Granted there was a 2 hour time difference but I still don’t remember the last morning I woke up at 8:30 in the morning when I didn’t have to. This morning, now keep in mind that I had a preeetty nice nap yesterday, I woke up at 5:30 and didn’t look back. I was able to watch the sunrise and enjoy the beautiful weather on our porch before I woke Beau up.
We got out of the room around 8:45 and did our now routine trip to the buffet and walk on the beach. This time, however, we discovered the beach was top optional and we saw about 3 or 4 European women taking full advantage of that. Definitely something we will never get used to but it made for a good story to tell. We then again, went to see victor (who made us the most delicious passion fruit milk), laid by the pool and although we were extremely full from all the drinks and breakfast, we decided to finally try lunch at the Supreme Buffet; another fabulous meal. Since at this point we were in a food coma, we took a nap and when we woke up, we headed to the casino here! It was nothing like Vegas but it was fun! I lost my $20 and Beau won $20 on Black Jack and put that $20 on black and won again! That will pay for one of mu souvenirs 😉
We could only stay for a while though because we had reservations at the hibachi grill and it was delicious and fun! The cooks and waiters were singing songs and the group we were with had just as big of a language barrier as we did haha. We sat at the bar in the lobby again and after a couple of drinks, we headed to bed. Another great day in paradise ❤

20130118-092508.jpg 20130118-092516.jpg 20130118-092544.jpg 20130118-092536.jpg 20130118-092530.jpg

Days 4 & 5:
Because we haven’t done much but lay around by the pool, drink, and eat, I thought putting these two days together would be just fine. Day 4 wasn’t a very good day. It started off great with our usual breakfast and walk on the beach and then we went and hung out at a different pool bar which is where we have discovered is the “party area” where both Beau and I were having a great time watching the workers dance and pump foam into the pool but then when we went to the room and took a nap, I woke up extremely sick. We slept until 10:30 and went to the snack bar to eat which was good but I just could not enjoy the night. [One breakthrough in our trip however has been that I might possibly have gotten sick from brushing my teeth with the water. I thought it would be okay but the couple we met before dinner said their bus driver on the way to the hotel said that even brushing your teeth can make you ill. Needless to say, our bottled water has been a great friend to us in every sense now.] We came up to the room and laid around with each other and watched 2 movies: Our Brother Ned and 50/50. Both really great movies. Some people would think laying around in a hotel room is not a great vacation but for 2 people who never see each other because of our schedules, it has been just what we needed).
Today was a much better day. I still felt a little under the weather but I tried my hardest not to let any of that get to me and I didn’t. We had a delicious lunch on the beach, laid on the beach, and had dinner at the same restaurant we had lunch and met a really nice couple from New Jersey to have a couple drinks with. For dinner we had HUGE lobster tails which I’m not a fan of but Beau is and he loved them. That restaurant is split in to two (seafood or steak) and since we went for seafood tonight, I would love to go back for the red meat before the trip is over. We’re going to make reservations to do some kind of day cruise on Sunday and have a day at the spa on Monday. I hate to wish away my trip but I can’t WAIT for those days.

20130118-092351.jpg 20130118-092335.jpg 20130118-092324.jpg 20130118-092315.jpg

Day 6:
Today was just as every other day…beautiful! We booked our day cruise for tomorrow to Saona Island and we are so excited! We also booked our spa day for Monday- a couples massage, sauna, and Turkish bath 🙂
At 6:30 Beau asked if he could take an hour nap and well, it turned in to both of us taking a 4 hour nap and instead of eating dinner at the Italian restaurant next door, we headed to the late night snack bar and had hot dogs and onion rings (as you can tell, we have eaten really healthy on this trip). At the snack bar they have a little family of cats running around…so cute!! We both have had the desire to pet something since we miss our little dogs at home so even though my husband is NOT a cat lover, he thinks the kittens are adorable. We have to be up at 5:45 for our excursion tomorrow so it’s time to go to sleeeep!

Day 7:
Our trip started off rocky when our bus was 30 minutes late picking us up and it took a little over an hour to get to the boat but once we were on the sea, we had the best time! They took us on an hour catamaran ride out on the Caribbean Sea that had dancing and drinks and it was beautiful. We stopped at what they call the natural pool (a sand bar) where they had starfish (which we never found because we didn’t stay in long enough) but the water was beautiful and clear…I’ve never seen anything like it! After about 30 minutes there we went to the island for 2 hours where we had a wonderful photo-shoot with the photographer on the beautiful white sand, a great lunch, and as many drinks as we could handle and boy, did we take advantage of all of that.
The ride back was beautiful! We continued to drink and get to know the staff of the boat and we both laid on the front of the boat until we arrived back to the bus. Both of us got burned pretty bad today though but the sun is exactly what we needed because we haven’t really felt like we have gotten enough sun so far!
We bought a video of our day there even though we took our own and unfortunately, Beau left his new sunglasses on the bus :(. It’s okay though, as we talked about, it could have been much much worse and we are not going to let anything bring this vacation down! We ate at the buffet for dinner (a first for us) and after one beautiful, exhausting day, we are headed to bed! It was a perfect day!

20130118-091837.jpg 20130118-091844.jpg 20130118-091912.jpg 20130118-091918.jpg 20130118-091935.jpg 20130118-091942.jpg 20130118-091949.jpg 20130118-091954.jpg

Day 8:
Although our trip is slowly coming to an end, we are thoroughly enjoying every minute together in this beautiful country. We may not have spent every minute doing “vacationy” things but like I said earlier, spending every minute together has been so wonderful. Today we had a couples massage. It was Beau’s first massage and we both enjoyed it sooooo much!! It was exactly what we needed after the long day we had yesterday. We spent time in the sauna and steam room together and as we got ready to get in the jacuzzi, we remembered that THIS PLACE HAS NO IDEA WHAT A JACUZZI IS. What do I mean by that? There are 4 jacuzzis here and not one of them is hot. Two of the “jacuzzis” in the pool are not even sectioned off and the other 2 in the spa ARE sectioned off yet they are the same temperature as the pool–cold. The weather here is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but it is not HOT like in Las Vegas. It would be perfect to sit in a jacuzzi and enjoy the island breeze but we can’t do that.
Anyway, the rest of the day was as any other except we tried a new restaurant! The whole time we have been here we have had access to both Majestic properties but because of convenience, we just stayed at Colonial. But tonight, we finally tried the Italian restaurant next door that we have been trying to go to but ended up napping instead. It was incredible and both of us are a little disappointed that we had not tried coming to this hotel before. Since the Italian food was so great, we thought that maybe the sushi next door would be better than the stuff at our hotel. All we can tell you is…WHY ON EARTH HAVE WE NOT BEEN USING THIS TO OUR FULL ADVANTAGE?
So tomorrow, we are going back over there for more sushi and everything else we can fit on before the trip is over. We have also decided that although our hotel is just fantastic, we will make sure to spend the extra money to stay at Majestic Elegance next time we come to Punta Cana!

20130118-091706.jpg 20130118-091701.jpg 20130118-091656.jpg

Day 9:
Our last full day in Punta Cana has come and gone 😦
This has been such a beautiful vacation with so many wonderful memories with my husband. It rained all day today which was not bad for us since we are still burnt from our excursion. We went to the buffet at Elegance today called Flavors. It was muy fantastico! After our great breakfast we went to see Victor again and spend the rainy day under the hut at the bar with him! We met a great couple from Michigan and had a few too many drinks that landed us yet again in the room for a nap! We had to be up though for our romantic dinner (it came with our stay here since we’re on our honeymoon) at the restaurant on the beach and it was amazing and so romantic. It was the perfect end to our vacation. We had lobster bisque, chicken caesar salad, and steak and lobster. Not only was it delicious but the service was great which is no different from the rest of the vacation! I’m sad to say goodbye to the Dominican Republic but we also miss our families very much and are excited to share our experience with them. We will be back though and we will remember our honeymoon for the rest of our lives as the best vacation ever. We are more in love everyday and will continue to live like we’re on our honeymoon for the rest of our lives 🙂

20130118-091543.jpg 20130118-091547.jpg 20130118-091553.jpg


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