The Pre-Honeymoon Blog

January 6th has arrived and I’m anxiously awaiting 11:00 so we can head to Miami! We have been waiting soooo long for this to come and I really can’t believe it’s finally here! I have decided to write about our day every day and when the trip is over, I will post the final blog and pictures to go with it. On a side note, packing is truly one of the more stressful things in life…especially when going to a place you’ve never been! Of course the weather is going to be beautiful but thoughts go through your head like, “do I bring a sweater?” And “how many outfits should I bring?” And my favorite one is asked when the pilot is ready for take off, “Am I forgetting something?”
This is both of our first real vacation without our parents and when you don’t have that endless supply of money from them (haha), thinking that you may have forgotten something that you have to buy there is stressful. The nice thing is we’re staying at what’s called an all-inclusive resort which means all the food and drink you can handle is included! All you have to do is tip the bartenders. So by paying for all of this ahead of time, it gave us time to save up for extra curricular activities! Don’t worry mom, I’m not leaving the resort! She still worries of course.
Thankfully in the great era we live in, we can FaceTime with our families (if my mom remembers everything I taught her).
It’s now time to get the last minute things packed and head to Beau’s parent’s house! Here we gooooo!


This is our beautiful resort!!


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